Feeling sluggish, Get Unstuck with This Activity

First off, it’s ok if you are feeling sluggish. We’ve been in pandemic home life for some time now and that can really throw us for a loop. But if you are also feeling like, “but I want to keep working on ……” fill in the blank: fitness goals, life goals, work goals, nutrition goals, what have you-that’s cool too.

You certainly don’t need to be a superhero with your productivity. The Covid-19 crisis has created quite a bit of upheaval in your life. On the other side of that, if you still want to try to make some steps towards those goals, and are feeling a bit stuck, that is normal. My hope is that the process outlined below will be just the right thing or at least, spark an idea in your brain.

Getting Unstuck

So grab a pen and paper, or an electronic note taker, and let's get started!

STEP ONE: Pick an area you want to get unstuck. If it’s one, great. If it’s more than one, pick one and you can always repeat this process with the other areas.

It is best only to work on one area at a time. Get that feeling good. Feeling easy. Feeling naturally part of your routine before you jump to the next area.

STEP TWO: Questions to ask yourself to begin your journey:

  • What is the smallest step I could take today to move me towards that goal?

Take a moment and think. Write it down. This could be do one squat, eat a piece of fruit or open a tab in your browser and type in the web address for that course you want to take, to give some examples.

Go ahead, write them down. I’ll be here when you’re done.

  • Now, what’s the biggest step you could take today to move you towards your goal? Like BIG! Like there was magic in the air and you’re feeling more motivated than ever and things just went poof!

This might be that you planned your whole week of nutritious meals and shopped for them, worked out for an hour or registered and started studying for that course. Take a moment to think and write down whatever that BIG step is.

  • Lastly, what’s a step in the middle of those two that you could take today?

Sticking with the same theme, that might be something like did one set of 10 squats, 10 push-ups and held a plank for 30 seconds or planned my meals for tomorrow and made sure I had all the ingredients or registered for the course, but haven’t opened the study material.

Again, take a moment for your thoughts to formulate and write them down.


Now look over what you wrote and see which step resonates with you.

Ok, you have your action item. Great! Now let’s take a look at a few other things you can do to help keep your momentum going.

STEP THREE: Ask yourself how confident are you that you’ll take that step you just picked? On a scale from 1-10, where are you? If you’re an 8 or more, wonderful. You got this! If you are less than an 8, what can you change about the step to make it feel like an 8?

This generally means making less of a big step.


How can you shrink the change to make it feel more doable and bring you closer to an 8? Do that! To stick with the examples from above, that might be instead of planning all of tomorrow’s meals, maybe you just plan one meal. Or if you had planned to do an hour workout maybe do 20 minutes instead. And if registering for the course felt too big of a step, maybe read a little more about the course and put it on your calendar for tomorrow to register at a time where you feel fresh and not distracted.

So you’ve got your action item. Wonderful. And your confidence is somewhere between an 8-10 of doing the item. Now let’s really get specific with the details about this action step to give you the tools to get it done!

STEP FOUR: Answer these few questions:

  • Are you starting/doing your action item today or tomorrow?
  • What time of day will this be done?
  • What will it feel like once you’ve done the action item?

STEP FIVE: Ways you can hold yourself accountable

  • To share in your success, share the news with someone or your social network.
  • Give yourself a big gold star!
  • Do something nice for yourself to celebrate completing the action item.
  • Share a photo of you doing it and tag us on social media, we’ll give you tons of love for taking that step. Or just send us a private message and we’ll celebrate with you there.

I hope you are feeling jazzed about your action item and feeling confident to complete it. If you want to share with us, please do, we can’t wait to celebrate with you.

If you are still feel a bit stuck, reach out and maybe we can help you find your way.

You’ve got this my friends!