Shift your focus

Hi there. How’s your quarantine-life going?

I imagine it’s a day-to-day kind of thing: some days are good, some days are distinctly average and some days…well, some days just suck.

But we’re making in through.

It seems sometimes like there’s no shortage of things to feel the-opposite-of inspired and hopeful about…

And that can leave one feeling, well, not great.

So, if you find yourself feeling a bit stuck, for today’s post I thought I would offer a strategy for shifting your focus—today, and over time.

Believe it or not, there are some pretty amazing things going on in the world. For example, check out this list of reasons to hope from the good folx over at Avaaz. (Go on, give it a read. It’s really refreshing. I’ll wait here).

Actually, this story about ‘the real Lord of the Flies’ is worth a read as well. (I know, I just sent you away to read something and now I’m sending you away again…but it’s worth it. I’ll still be here when you get back).

There. How’s that feel? Pretty good, right?

Well, what if we were to take it to another level? What if you were to combine the way that physical movement has an impact on your mental state with a deliberate effort to focus your thoughts on gratitude and love?

The idea here is that purposeful movement—of just about any sort—can change the way you feel for the better. And, as we’ve just recently experienced, thinking about nice things can change the way you feel.

So why not put them together for a 1-2 punch, so to speak?

What can make all of this easier is having someone to guide you through the process. Take this Tony Robbins Priming Exercise, for example. It takes just 15 minutes.

Now, it doesn’t have to be that specific exercise—the principle remains sound: movement plus a deliberate shift in focus produces a shift in mental state.

This isn’t magic—one time through isn’t necessarily going to change your life. But as with training a muscle, with repetition over time the effect grows stronger and becomes more sustained.