Reimagining Fitness

The Journey to Something New

For me and Mike it has always been about changing the way fitness is done. The way it’s seen and how it’s experienced.

When we quietly said to ourselves, what feels like 100 years ago, but in reality was more like 10, “maybe we should open a gym.” We said this because we saw a need that wasn’t being met.

We saw that fitness didn’t feel accessible to many people. That the word gym, working out or exercise was a huge turn off for so many of the people we worked with, not only in the flying trapeze classes and circus classes we were teaching, but even amongst the people we taught in our fitness classes at the circus schools where we worked.

But we also saw that many of these same people would benefit, and did benefit, from a regular fitness practice. They improved their movements for their activities and they got stronger and more confident.

Learning and Growing

As time past, we grew, changed and learned new skill sets. We also somewhat returned to our roots of working in gym settings and quickly realized how much mainstream fitness was quite a big turn off for each of us. We saw how gym environments and the main story the fitness industry was telling, was actually very harmful.

Ultimately the voice in our head got louder and we started thinking we need to open that gym, especially because we aren’t getting any younger! And in 2018 we said let’s do it! We found our gym location in October of 2019. The space needed a lot of work, but it came together and despite a pandemic we opened in August of 2020.

(Some of you may have read about this before in previous blog posts about our journey to opening a gym.)

Our Goals

From the beginning we wanted to create a radically inclusive space that countered the main talking points about health and fitness. We strive to create a space where everyone feels truly welcome and seen as their authentic selves as they work on their goals of health and wellness, while being surrounded by a supportive community.

A goal is to create a space where people can come and start to peel the onion that is the “story” of what health and wellness is supposed to be and what it is supposed to look like. Mike and I want to provide a spark to create a new relationship with your body and fitness in general.

We hope we are doing all these things.

So Why the Name Change?

When we first created the gym, and the lead up to the opening, we hoped to provide a place for folks to redefine fitness. Hence its previous namesake.

Although our previous name was part of the spirit of what we are on a mission to do, it didn’t exactly convey what we are trying to do.

It didn’t convey the whimsy and creative sides of who Mike and I are. And what the gym has become.

Over musings in our kitchen of reimagining fitness and reimagining peoples relationships with themselves, fitness and the gym itself, Reimagym sprung forth.

Reimagine and gym squished together.

We instantly loved it!

It felt like we really captured the spirit of us, our mission and where we want to go with all of you.

Different, but the same….

So sure, we rebranded to a new, fun and playful name. A name that embodies more of who we are, but everything else is remaining the same. We’re still here for you in an opening and caring way. Still writing blogs to assist with your health, fitness and wellness questions. Still being that place where we will whole heartedly support you as you explore fitness outside of the shame-y fitness culture that seems to be everywhere.

Thank you for being on the journey with us.

2 thoughts on “Reimagining Fitness”

  1. Richard Huffman

    Glad you two continue to grow. Am continuing ith sling in Baltimore. Just had 2 great private classes at the Tuscon Circus Academy with Katherine Tesch – Director, Youth Circus, Aerial Acrobatics, Balance

    Katherine began her career as a dancer and joined the circus in 2006, spending the next 10 years as a circus performer. During this time she also began developing her circus and dance education program. She has had the great opportunity to perform and train with a wide variety of companies all over the world giving her a well rounded and strong base to create the curriculum and program that The Circus Academy of Tucson uses. Some highlights are that she has trained and done workshops with Circo Picolino in Brazil, The New England Center for Circus Arts, Pilobolus, Streb and Air Dance Moscow. She is an active member of the American Circus Educators. Her favorite thing about teaching circus is watching children learn that through hard work and dedication the impossible becomes possible!

    Richard Huffman

    1. Thank you Richard. Thank you for being here. It’s wonderful to hear you are still enjoying various aerial activities. Thank you for sharing about Katherine too.