Quick Guide to Nutritious Breakfast Choices

We have all heard the saying: “Breakfast is the most Important meal of the day!” But not many people actually have breakfast before they leave for the start their day. Or if they do, they are not having a breakfast that will appropriately and adequately fuel them for their day ahead. If this sounds like you, then I hope the following will help you to consider eating breakfast. And if you do [eat breakfast], I also want to offer you some quick and healthy options. Because, being healthy is more than just exercising. Especially if you want certain body changes: more muscles, less fat, then nutrition plays a HUGE roll in accomplishing these goals. Exercise alone really wont get you there. You need to fuel your efforts properly.

I understand that not everyone has the time to make an elaborate breakfast of coffee or tea and a veggie omelet with some whole grain toast. I don’t always have time for an elaborate meal in the morning before my morning clients or classes, but I do always make time for a balanced breakfast. For me it’s important and breakfast is a meal a really enjoy.

Making changes in your life is a part of the process of achieving your health and fitness goals. But you don’t have to make them all at once. Make one or two to begin. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Maybe breakfast can be your first change?

If you are new to the breakfast-eating world, let’s first take a look at the down side to skipping breakfast. Side effects can include:

  • higher body fat percentages,
  • a negative impact on your memory,
  • negative mood (we’ve all been hangry before),
  • decreased mental clarity, and
  • it can mess with hormonal regulation (hangry again).

You may have heard that skipping breakfast makes you overeat or binge when you do decide to eat, but the research doesn’t support this idea.

However, things to ponder: if skipping breakfast negatively effects your mood, ability to think clearly, drops your blood sugar levels too low causing you to shake and could make you feel hormonal; do you think by the time you go to lunch or have the chance to eat, if you’re feeling any or all of these things, you are going to make a healthy choice?

Or might you just grab something that is quick and easy and probably not the most healthy and nutritious for you? Probably.

Beginning to Breakfast (better)

If you are eating breakfast, use this link to play a game to make even better choices a little at a time (the game is about 1/3 down into the article). Think about where your current breakfast is and play the game to start making small improvements. If you are not eating breakfast currently, start with trying to incorporate something. Maybe the link above with help inspire you or the easy hacks below.

Hacks for Quick Healthy Breakfasts

  • Buy frozen fruits and veggies for adding to protein smoothies.
  • Have a few different powdered protein flavors on hand: vanilla, chocolate and plain to create different flavors of smoothies depending on how you feel.
  • If cracking eggs seems like a hassle, buy liquid eggs or egg whites in a carton. All you have to do is open and pour!
  • Soft or hard boil eggs and peel in advance so all you have to do is eat them. *tip: let cool before you try to peel them, much easier and you won’t burn your hands! Or buy the pre-cooked and peeled versions.
  • If buying fresh fruit, pre-cut and store in the fridge in plastic bag or container. Now you can just grab, pour and eat in hot/cold cereals, on toast/pancakes or in yogurt.
  • If buying fresh veggies, pre-cut any veggies you want to put in your omelets. These can also be stored in some sort of container with the amount you need per omelet.
  • Pre-cook any beans or lentils you may need or purchase canned options and store portions in an airtight containers. Freeze some if you need to to keep them from spoiling.
  • Pre-cook omelets and then just heat them up in the morning. This could be the same for any breakfast sandwich you want to eat. Pre-cook the egg and then heat it up in the morning while you toast the whole grain sandwich product and then add any veggie slices you want. Things I like are tomato, onion, baby spinach and some avocado.

As I said earlier, I love breakfast and make time to eat it every day. I have 3 different breakfast items I routinely eat:

  • pesto veggie omelet with lentils,
  • oatmeal with unsweetened applesauce or pureed mixed berries topped with walnuts, chia seeds, ground flaxseed, acai berry (powdered) and cinnamon and nutmeg.
  • homemade granola which is a mix of cashews, walnuts, almonds, flax and chia seeds, acai powder, dried fruit, shredded coconut, sometimes some oatmeal flakes and a little honey to bake it all together. It’s delish!

You certainly don’t have to make your own, there are some high-fiber, whole grain options at the store. But having a few different breakfast options can help to keep some spice to life and then you can rotate through based on how you’re feeling.

I hope that you feel fired up and ready to try adding either breakfast into your day or try some of these new options. If you are feeling pressed, whole grain toast can still be eaten on the go: toast it up, spread on some nut butter or hummus maybe add a few pre-cut fruit or veggie slices and head out the door.

As always, if you have any questions please hit my up via the comments or contacting us. If you are looking for some more structured help with nutrition, please contact us, we offer nutritional coaching and would love to help guide you towards your goals.

Eat up and Be Well,~~Theresa~