When members of the media decide to do a story about a circus school or circus arts classes, they often like to suggest ‘forget the gym! This class can be your new workout!’

And they mean well.

They’re just trying to help us out.

It’s just that they’re wrong.

It keeps happening: a person comes to try a class and discovers a love for circus.

The challenge, the fun, the community.

And then the plateau arrives where they just can’t seem to progress past a certain point. Certain skills or movements are beyond them.

For coaches, it’s often a little heartbreaking.

They could get this if only they were stronger, the coaches often say to each other when they’re brainstorming for ways to help this student.

The challenge, of course, is figuring out how to get stronger…for circus.

To be fair, anyone can do a random collection of exercises and get stronger. You can even to a powerlifting program and get stronger. A lot stronger.

It’s just that these approaches won’t make you a balanced kind of strong and they certainly won’t make you circus strong.

Every time we get an opportunity to present a workshop or even just talk with folks about how to strength train for circus, we usually suggest seeking out a good personal trainer.

The problem there often amounts to this: many of the trainers out there are good people who really want to help out, but they just don’t understand the full extent of what a circus artist-athlete needs in order to develop a solid foundation of general strength nor do they know how to layer the circus-specific strength on top of that.

The thing is: we do.

For a few years now, people have been able to find information on strength training or mobility training on and

And not too long ago, we were having a conversation about strength and fitness training at our dinner table—as we often do—and it occurred to us that we were both working on the same mission…but separately.

We’ve always collaborated on blog posts and when designing training plans for our clients and we’ve even put on workshops together.

It suddenly seemed a bit silly for us to be doing all of this with two separate websites.

What if we joined forces, we wondered?


(Ok, in fairness, only Mike did the maniacal laugh).

And so, that’s what we’ve done.

Get Circus Strong and Aerialibrium have joined forces and become Reimagym. (added update: I want to recognize that before we were collectively Reimagym we rebranded to be what I will refer to as it’s acronym RSF, before rebranding again in Sept. 2021 to Reimagym.)

In many ways, nothing changes:

We’ll both still blog and post content—it’ll just be all in one place from now on (

We should note: some of our older posts still need to be uploaded to the new site. That’s gonna take some time, but we’ll get there and everything new will be on our shared blog from here forward.

And if you happen to live in the Boston area, you can come and work with us at our circus home, Esh Circus Arts. Or maybe our living room/in-home studio.

If you happen to live further way, the online training program will be the same…except better because now we’ll both be accepting clients (and adding some fun new stuff for our existing clients—be on the lookout, GCS and Aerialibrium peeps!).

In the meantime: here’s our announcement video, featuring wine glasses and some very enthusiastic ‘cheers’-ing!

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