OMG We’re About to Open!

We’re so close to opening and so many things are coming together all at once.

It’s been a flurry of activity on our end between getting some painting done, installing the heavy diamond plate on the wall and all the small things for our website and business software to run smoothly. Fingers crossed. 🤞

Here’s a quick peek at some of that progress.

I wanted to take this time to sort of introduce what the space will be. Not in its physical state, as I just showed, but our philosophy, Our Mission and what’s important to us.

An INtroduction

Mission Statement

We exist to facilitate people’s ongoing (re)discovery of their inner (and outer) awesomeness!

Our mission is to build and nurture a radically inclusive fitness community of people who are working on their own versions of excellence, strength and badassery.

Physical fitness is for everybody and every body and the mainstream fitness industry doesn’t generally provide a welcoming space for all who seek physical fitness. Our mission is to create that space, where everyone feels welcome. A space where people can feel they can bravely challenge themselves to grow and expand their sense of possibility and potential. 

Things we hold dear are a welcoming space to all folx, being kind, curious and compassionate with others as well as the planet and constantly seeking to be 1% better each day.

We are passionate about create a welcoming place beyond our walls of the studio, which is why we’ve been involved in Safe Medford and Medford People Power for four years working on policies to make Medford a more welcoming and equitable place for all people who live within the city limits regardless of immigration status.

Recently we realized we need to actively learn what it means to be anti-racist and practice that daily instead of just being a good person or “not racist”. We are engaging in the process of educating ourselves on this topic as well as the system of white supremacy. We realize where we were before wasn’t enough.

We also know that we’ll mess up at times. We’re human. And we ask that you call us in on that and we all can have an opportunity to grow and get 1% better. This is why we are learning with Dr. Tee, taking his Foundations for Social Justice and the Foundations for Social Justice for Fit Pros. Learning how to learn from our mistakes, apologize and get better.

THe Space

Within the space we plan to show Our Mission in action-be it the art we display, the community we build or the love we bring to the space and the community.

Being kind to the planet is one of those tenets we live by. Recycling, reducing, reusing as well as composting, but maybe we’ll reserve the composting for home. Reducing our carbon footprint is big for us and we’re planning ways to have the best, or the least really, impact as possible.

We know we have lofty goals and we have a lot of work to do in order to create a truly racially inclusive space and we plan to put the time in. We believe everyone deserves a place to feel healthy, strong and alive and to be their authentic self. We hope you’ll join us in this mission.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Be Well, Theresa & Mike