Understanding the Log Book and the TSNY Student Curriculum

Like any other school, TSNY has a curriculum. Every student progresses through the curriculum in a different way—according to their abilities and motivations. The Student Logbook was designed to serve as a guide to the curriculum and a place to record your progress.

Our curriculum has two equally important elements: tricks and skills. Tricks are obvious: there are pretty pictures of them all over the tricks chart. Skills, on the other hand, are the oft-forgotten—but incredibly important—part of the picture.   Key skills in the curriculum include things like:

  • how to stay tight (all the time you’re in the air: as soon as you hop off the board, all the way through your trick, at catch point and all through your return or until you’ve finished your second bounce in the net…or in Beantown, your slight bounce on the mat),
  • how to return,
  • how to build height in your swing,
  • how to half-out of a trick (to land on your back),
  • how to get lift off the bar during breaking tricks…

We call these key skills because they are the keys to making all of the tricks you do easier—and better. If you are feeling like you’re hit a plateau with a certain trick or would just like to improve overall as a flyer, ask an Instructor what ‘key skill’ you can be working on.   If you are wondering how these skills fit in to the overall curriculum, check your Logbook and ask an Instructor to talk you through how to progress from Level to Level.

Log Books can be purchased in the Front Office. Get yours today!