The Logbook “Cheat Sheet”

Sometimes, it is nice to have a sneak-peak at what is ahead. Knowing the goals of the TSNY Curriculum allow you to get an idea of what’s in store for you in your next class and gives you a better sense on what your instructors are trying to get you to accomplish.  Below, we have briefly summarized some of the main objectives outlined in the Logbook.

As you know, we begin with the Knee Hang and the Backflip dismount. The first class gives you an early hint at the real importance of ‘catchable timing’ and ‘catch hands’.

Next comes your introduction to release tricks: Heels Off, Set Straddle and so on. ‘Catch hands’ expands to become a whole-body affair. Not only are your hands important, but now it’s vital that your body be straight and tight, with your head up and your legs held back. This body position is the key to a smooth catch and a nice landing on your stomach in the net.

It is usually in this phase of your development as a flyer that we encourage you to get a Logbook. While you work your way through this variety of tricks, our goal is to also teach you some key skills that are necessary for success in flying: the one-handed takeoff and learning to stay truly ‘tight’ the whole time you are in the air are just two examples.

From here, the tricks get a bit more challenging (the Pullover Shoot is a great example of a trick that most people simply do not ‘get’ in one class) and soon it’s time to learn your swing. It is at this stage that many people discover that trapeze is a unique combination of fun and challenge.

The next phase of learning is focused on developing not only your swing, but a series of backend tricks (e.g., Straddle, Whip, Split, Hocks Off, etc). Once your swing begins to maintain height, we move on to the turnaround progression and the half-turn. Our ultimate goal is to teach you how to consistently return your ‘go-to’ backend tricks. Note that this is reflected in the progression on the sign-off sheets: Levels 1 through 4 are mainly focused on developing the skills needed to return to the board.

Once you have developed your ability to consistently return, we begin building upon your already solid foundation. From here, our goal is to take you higher and further than you have ever imagined possible. And of course, along the way, you can work towards taking your swing and tricks out-of-lines after reaching Level 3 and 4 status in-lines. Both of these optional paths require tremendous discipline and skill, but they add a new level of reward and excitement.

Now that you have the gist of our curriculum, we encourage you to learn the whole story by getting a Logbook!  We have Logbooks available for sale in the Front Office for $25!