Frequently Asked Questions

Do we sell training packages?

YES. We believe your fitness/wellness is a journey and a commitment to yourself, so we offer memberships. We sell “Glitter” (52-week memberships) and “Gold” (8-weeks minimum, cancel anytime after that with 14-days notice). These are billed automatically bi-weekly. The price includes a customized training plan for private or small group trainings, or a program design for group classes. Memberships include a certain number of group classes or training sessions per month. See membership options, pricing and details here.

What is the difference between the Glitter and the Gold membership options?

The Glitter option is a 52-week membership – you can save 15% by choosing this option.

The Gold option is an 8-week commitment, and after that you can cancel anytime – just give us 14 days notice and we will take care of the rest. See membership options, pricing and details here.

Do we offer virtual training?

Yes. Our group classes occur in-person with the option to participate remotely. We also offer the option for our Private one-on-one training memberships to meet virtually. You can read more about group classes and private trainings here.

Do we sell gift cards?

Yes. You can purchase a gift card for any dollar amount here.

How much space do you need to take virtual classes?

Not too much. About a yoga mat’s worth of space or enough space that you can lay down in.

Do you need fitness equipment to train virtually in classes or in a private training?

No equipment is needed, but if you have some that is a plus. We can design your program based on things you may have around your home: your bodyweight, a backpack with books in it, laundry detergent or a small child. For virtual group classes, the program design offers many progressions to exercises that can be done with or without weighted items: traditional weights, resistance bands or heavier items from around your house. For virtual Private trainings, as you progress you will likely need to access some exercise equipment, but not generally right away. We’re happy to talk to you about it. If you have questions shoot us an email.

What equipment do we recommend for home workouts?

Here are a few things that we think are quite versatile:

  • A few dumbbells or kettlebells of varying weight
  • Fitness bands or tubing that can anchor to a sturdy door — some folks enjoy bands with handles. TRX is another fitness item that can be super versatile and can be anchored to a sturdy door.
  • Foam roller
  • A yoga block or two.

Do we offer open gym or training on your own?

No we do not. Community support is one of our values, whether that support comes directly from your trainer or from the other members in the space training with you. Your program is based on how you are currently moving and your fitness goals. When training at Reimagym, you always have a trainer looking out for you, checking your form, pushing you when you need it or suggesting you take it easy when needed.

What are your Covid-19 Mask and Safety Protocols?

  • Masks are optional if you have provided proof of vaccination.
  • Masks are required if you are a visitor or unvaccinated.
  • If you have covid, please don’t come in to train!
  • If you test positive for covid, we require a negative home test before you can return to in-person training. Even so, we ask that you wear an N-95 mask for the full CDC-recommended period after your symptoms began.
  • If you have been in close contact with someone who has contracted covid, we ask that you stay home unless you:
    • Are symptom-free,
    • Have tested negative for covid, and
    • Agree to wear an N-95 mask for 10 days following the discovery that you have been a close contact to someone who has contracted covid.
  • If you have any non-covid illness that has you coughing or sneezing, we ask that you wear a mask as a courtesy to other members.
  • Our ceiling fans and brand new HVAC system (with electrostatic air filters) will always be running while people are in the space.

What is the next step after I buy a membership online?

Yay! Congrats on taking the next step in your fitness journey. After you purchase your membership you’ll get an email inviting you to schedule your strategy session so that we can talk with you about your fitness hopes and dreams as well as any health or injury history we should know about. This appointment can be done in person at the gym or via Zoom— just let us know using the ‘notes’ section if you want to meet over Zoom.