Claim Your 2 FREE Workouts!

Yay! Someone gave you two FREE workouts! That’s awesome! We’re so excited to work out with you! Sorry for all the exclamations points (well, not really). It’s just that we’re really excited to meet you and work out with you.

You can choose from either Two (2) Small Group Personal Training Sessions, Two (2) Group Fitness Classes, or one of each*. In small group personal training sessions, you and up to two other people will work out at the studio. In group fitness classes, there is a maximum of 8 people and these can be attended in the studio or via Zoom.

In small group personal training sessions you will be coached through a workout plan that we will begin to customize based on your goals and the way your body moves. Our group fitness classes offer several different workouts from cardio fitness, strength, flexibility, pilates and more.

Come in and see what all the fuss is about!


Two FREE Workouts are only available to first-time visitors to Reimagym. Current and former members are not eligible. Two FREE Workouts cannot be combined with any other offers.

Your two FREE Workouts includes either Two (2) Small Group Personal Training Sessions or Two (2) Group Fitness Classes or one of each.

The two FREE Workouts activate on the date of your first visit and expire fourteen (14) days thereafter.

This offer may be revoked at any time and other terms and conditions may apply.