Before you cancel:

If You Decide to Cancel, here is what you need to know:

  • If you don’t wish to renew your membership, let us know 14 or more days before the membership is set to renew, otherwise it will automatically renew.
  • Early termination of a 12-week or 52-week contract incurs a flat fee of $350. Once the fee has been paid, your membership payments will stop. In some cases, memberships can be terminated without a fee.

    “No Fee” Terminations: 
    • If you have a medical issue that prevents you from using your membership, you may be allowed to terminate without penalty by providing a note from your doctor detailing the medical necessity of the termination.
    • If you move and your new home is more than 25 miles from Reimagym, you may terminate without penalty, provided that you lived within 25 miles of Reimagym at the time you began your agreement.

To Cancel, you only need to do one thing:

  • Book a 20-30 minute zoom call with us to let us know. We will take care of the membership termination form and answer any questions you might have about the process. Painless, we promise.